Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Helang Flying Academy - Official Website Launched

WooHOO!! ๐Ÿ˜„

Our official site is now OPEN at (the old address of this site).

From now on, all our official news, announcements, marketing, promotions and job vacancies will appear there.  Be sure to add us to your bookmarks page!  For posterity, our old blog is available >here<

THIS site is now re-named:  The intention is to use this as a social blogging forum where staff and students can share photos and comments about their wonderful experiences at Helang Flying Academy.

Training to be a pilot is one of the most challenging, memorable and enjoyable experiences of a student's life.  This is the place where lifelong friends are made and where you will never forget the experience of your FIRST SOLO FLIGHT!

Please do use this to record your comments about events as they are posted by our administrators. This is the place to leave comments about your Flight Training, local events, flyouts and of course relaxation times!

Comments are moderated and will be open to current staff and students only.

A link to this blog will appear in the header and footer menus of our main site
under the link: 
Social Blog (or you can bookmark this page directly)

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